Internal Purchasing Procedures

Internal U.Va. Purchases within the Department of Environmental Sciences

Internal to UVA purchases are easy options from which to request your items or services.
All you need with the vendors below is to take the PTAO (account number) to be charged with you when you make the purchase. All receipts must be turned in to the Administrative office.


UVA Bookstore (Cavalier Computers included):

Printing and Copying:

If what needs to be purchased cannot be made internally, then the next place to check is with a Contract or Minority vendor.



The above websites are the first places you should check for a vendor from which to request your purchase. After an Internal Service Provider, Contract vendors should be first choice for purchase requests. Agreements have been made between these vendors and the University or the State of Virginia for special pricing and terms. Secondly, we should attempt to request purchases from a minority vendor.

One thing to remember is that you may be able to request a specific item through a contract or a minority vendor. For instance, Fisher Scientific is a contract vendor that supplies Fisher Brand items but they are also a distributor for many other suppliers (see the list of suppliers at Fisher Scientific ). Items that are made by Seqwright, Sun Sri, Thermo Electron, etc can be requested through Fisher. Therefore, just because you know the manufacturer of a certain item, your buyer may still be able to order the same or comparable items from a contract or minority vendor.

The duty of the Department Buyer is to make sure we are following the state’s guidelines for all purchases made by the University of Virginia. When we do not request an order from an internal, contract or minority vendor, a clear justification must be documented. Even then, the buyer must be able to seek at least one quote from a minority vendor. The buyer must purchase from the lowest responsive and responsible vendor that can meet all requirements of the purchase. Be sure to state all relevant information in the request.

In some cases, there will be a contract or minority vendor that will be able to provide a specific item, service, or a similar one but the department may decide that they would prefer to order from another vendor. When this circumstance arises, we must document the reason (add to notes section of OTS request) for this choice as well as the quotes that have been provided. If you have sought quotes from other vendors, the buyer can attach the quote provided by the vendor or we can fill out and attach the phone quote form. This form can be found at: .

Thank you for your help and cooperation in following the University of Virginia’s Procurement guidelines. If you have any other questions please contact the Department Buyer, Debra Shifflett at 243-2115.  Also, you can visit the Procurement website at: .