Graduate Students

Matthew Oreska

Ph.D. (McGlathery)  · Ecology

Contact Information

OreskaMatthew received undergraduate degrees in geology and economics from the College of William and Mary and a master’s in biology from Cambridge University.  As an ecology PhD student, Matthew studies biogeochemical cycles in coastal ecosystems and their associated ecosystem services.  The “blue carbon” that accumulates in coastal habitats, including the restored seagrass meadows in the Virginia Coast Reserve, potentially represents a significant removal of carbon pollution from the atmosphere.  Matthew and adviser Karen McGlathery recently helped develop the first carbon-credit protocol for greenhouse gas accounting in coastal systems.  His other research projects include studying faunal community responses to changes in benthic habitat type.

Matthew is also a Smithsonian Institution Research Student, finalizing a long-term project on the paleoecology of a Cretaceous formation in Wyoming and Montana.  He worked at the National Museum of Natural History prior to beginning his PhD study.