Scott Doney

Joe D. and Helen J. Kington Professor in Environmental Change · PH.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology-Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Joint Program in Oceanography, 1991

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Scott Doney

My research spans oceanography, climate and biogeochemistry, with an emphasis on numerical models, remote sensing, and data analysis. I am interested in how the global carbon cycle and ocean ecology respond to natural and human-driven climate change signals such as ocean warming, sea-ice loss, and ocean acidification due to the invasion of carbon dioxide from fossil fuel burning.

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This book is based on a hands-on modeling course taught in the MIT/WHOI Joint Program:
Glover, D.M., W.J. Jenkins, and S.C. Doney, 2011: Modeling Methods for Marine Science, Cambridge University Press book website (ISBN-13: 9780521867832).


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