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Sources of Supplemental Funding for Graduate Research

In addition to research funding that may be available to graduate students from research grants awarded to their major advisor and/or to cross-disciplinary programs (LTER, SWAS, GECP, etc.), students are encouraged to seek out and submit research proposals to outside funding agencies. Helpful advice on finding potential sources of funding, submitting proposals, and steps one needs to take when doing so can be found on the Department’s Research Grant Help Page or by contacting Ashley McFadden .

Limited funding is also available from within the Department, as described below.

Research Awards of the Department of Environmental Sciences

The responsibilities formerly handled by the Department’s Research Committee are now being handled by the GARC. In this capacity the GARC is charged with recommending to the Chair distribution of monies earned by sponsored research in the Department and accruing in the Indirect Cost Recovery account (currently 1-90270, often called the “Overhead Account”). The specific duties of the Research Committee are:

  1. Make recommendations to the Chair concerning the utilization of the overhead account pertinent to the support of research activities in the Department.
  2. Provide advice to the Chair on requests from Faculty for expenditures of Overhead funds that exceed a faculty-established limit (currently $5,000).
  3. Administer distribution of overhead and non-overhead funds that are awarded to graduate students in support of research. Instructions for application, selection criteria, amounts and due dates are published as part of the Department’s web page. ( Specifically, the awards are:

These grants and awards must be spent while the student is enrolled-funds cannot be used by students who have received their degree. Students who have completed a Master’s and are enrolled in the doctoral program here remain eligible.

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