Undergraduate Seminar

Department of Environmental Sciences Undergraduate Seminar Series

EVSC 4002  Tuesdays, 4pm , Clark 108
Please feel free to invite other students not in the course to attend as well.
Stephen A. Macko  ( 924-6849,  Clark Hall 396

Tuesdays, 4pm , Clark 108

January 24
Introduction and Overview

January 31
Ms. Kate Melton
Associate Director, University Career Services,
University of Virginia
“Environmental Career Resources”

February 7
Dr. Jeff Lapierre
Post-Doctoral Fellow, Department of Environmental Sciences
University of Virginia
“Characterizing and observing lightning”

February 14
Dr. Eric Bric Bricker
Research Associate, Department of Environmental Sciences
University of Virginia
“Using Genetics in Ecology”

February 21
Mr. Wyat Appel
Scientist, Emissions Evaluation Branch
EPA, Durham, NC
“The Use of Air Quality Models in US EPA Research and Regulations”

February 28
Mr. Mark Garvey, J.D
Attorney, Office of Civil Enforcement
EPA Headquarters, Washington, DC
“The US Government: Top Cop or Major Polluter?”

March 7
Spring Break

March 14
Mr. Scot Appel
Scientist, National Defense Intelligence Agency
Charlottesville, VA
“Environmental and Energy Consequences of Using Corn Ethanol as a Biofuel”

March 21
Dr. Stan Ulanski
Professor, Department of Geology and Environmental Sciences
James Madison University
“Sailing the Atlantic: Exploration, Discovery and Rivers in the Ocean”

March 28
Dr. David Sedlak
Professor and Director
Institute for Environmental Science, University of California, Berkeley
“The Next Urban Water Revolutions: A Path for Avoiding Water Scarcity”

April 4
Mr. Jonathan Edwards
Director, Office of Radiation and Indoor Air
US Environmental Protection Agency, Washington DC
“The Environmental Protection Agency: History and Future Directions”

April 11
Mr. Ben Smith
Master Oyster Gardener and Board Member, TOGA
Kilmarnock, Virginia
“The Decline and Efforts to Revive the Oyster Population, Chesapeake Bay”

April 18
Dr. Ray Deuser
Visiting Scientist, Department of Environmental Sciences
University of Virginia
“Teaching Racoons not to Eat Birds Eggs”

April 25
Dr. Robert Sobek
Senior Engineer and Hydrologist
AECOM, Arlington, VA
“Insights into the Water Resources of East Africa”