Department Seminar

Department of Environmental Sciences Seminar Series

Fall 2016
Thursdays, 3:30 p.m., 108 Clark Hall
Refreshments in the foyer at 3:15 p.m.

August 25
“The Early Anthropogenic Hypothesis: History of a Debate”
William Ruddiman
(Dept. of Environmental Sciences)

September 1
Alan Howard (Dept. of Environmental Sciences)

September 8
Mahesh Rao (Dept. of Environmental Sciences)
Hosted by John Porter

September 15
Lisa Messeri (Dept. of Engineering & Society)
Hosted by Vivian Thomson

September 22
Orrin Pilkey (Duke)
Hosted by Steve Macko

September 29
Logan Dawson (Purdue)
Hosted by Kate LeCroy

October 6
Walter Alvarez (UC Berkeley)
Hosted by Alan Howard

October 13
Doug Nowacek (Duke)
Hosted by Carleton Ray

October 20
Erin Vogel (Rutgers)
Hosted by Manuel Lerdau

October 27
Hosted by Paolo D’Odorico

November 3
Oliver Frauenfeld (Texas A&M)
Hosted by Bob Davis

November 10
Jason Furtado (Univ. of Oklahoma)
Hosted by Kevin Grise

November 17
Diego Riveros-Iregui (Department of Geography, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill)
Hosted by Todd Scanlon and Howie Epstein

December 1
“Forensic studies on the origins of perchlorate in the Environment”
Neal Sturchio (Univ. of Delaware)
Hosted by Steve Macko