The Department of Environmental Sciences has achieved prominence among national and international environmental science programs by integrating, in a single department, the various scientific core areas — ecology, hydrology, geosciences and atmospheric sciences — to address complex global environmental problems. Faculty members intermingle as members of interdisciplinary research teams, such as the Global Environmental Change Program (GECP), the Shenandoah Watershed Study (SWAS), the Virginia Coast Reserve Long-Term Ecological Research Program (VCR LTER), and the Program of Interdisciplinary Research in Contaminant Hydrogeology (PIRCH). These Programs, and others as described in the following web pages, are reflective of the collaborative nature of our research programs and have resulted in significant scholastic accomplishment.

Atmospheric Sciences

The Department undergraduate research mentoring program seeks to connect undergraduate students who are interested in gaining experience with scientific research in the environmental sciences with graduate students who can provide those opportunities.

Undergraduate Research Program