2009 Department Awards

2009 Department Awards

2009 Department Awards

Awards and honors bestowed on members of the department are highlighted on a yearly basis in the annual reports.  Below is a listing of awards from the most recent annual department awards ceremony.

List of awards presented on April 29, 2009

Department of Environmental Sciences Awards Ceremony


Distinguished Majors, 2009:

  • Brittany L. Craven
  • Sarah A. Drummond
  • Kelly L. Hondula
  • Allison M. Leach
  • Karl S. Philippoff
  • Leslie R. Piper
  • Dana S. Richards
  • Amanda M. Schwantes

Michael Garstang Atmospheric Sciences Award:

  • Mallie E. Toth

Mahlon G. Kelly Prize:

  • Kelly L. Hondula

Wilbur A. Nelson Award:

  • Allison M. Leach

Hydrology Award:

  • Joshua R. Richards

Wallace-Poole Prize:

  • Leslie R. Piper

Bloomer Award:

  • Kelly J. Hokanson

Richard Scott Mitchell Award:

  • Thushara Gunda

Harrison Undergraduate Research Award:

  • Nathaniel C. Farrar
  • Thushara Gunda

Double Hoo Research Grant:

  • Kelly J. Hokanson and Ami L. Riscassi
  • Savanna C. Barry and Luke W. Cole


Environmental Sciences Research Symposium
Outstanding Presentation Awards:

  • Thomas J. Mozdzer
  • Luke W. Cole
  • Michael S. Long
  • Matthew H. Long
  • Savanna C. Barry

Trout Unlimited Award:

  • Ami L. Riscassi

Joseph K. Roberts Award:

  • David M. Hondula

Robert Ellison Award:

  • Amber D. Converse

The Graduate Award in Atmosphere:

  • Guan Song

The Graduate Award in Ecology:

  • Gerald V. Frost

The Graduate Award in Hydrology:

  • Jennifer C. Romanowich

Graduate Student Research Publication Award:

  • Karen L. Vandecar

Fred Holmsley Moore Teaching Award:

  • Virginia A. Seamster

Michael Garstang Award:

  • Temple R. Lee

Jefferson Conservation Award:

  • Luke W. Cole

Departmental Exploratory Awards:

  • Abinash Bhattachan
  • Yufei He
  • Charles E. Clarkson
  • Sean M. McLoughlin
  • Kirby Webster
  • Elizabeth R. Whitman

Moore Research Awards:

  • Marcia S. DeLonge
  • Keir S. Soderberg


Environmental Sciences Organization Award:

  • Thomas H. Biggs

Graduate Student Association Award:

  • William B. Tomanek

Chair’s Award:

  • Pamela M. Hoover
  • Grace J. Lipscomb
  • William B. Tomanek
  • Gerald W. Williamson

Maury Environmental Sciences Prize:

  • Marcia S. DeLonge