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Howard E. Epstein

Professor · Ph.D. Colorado State University, 1997.

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My current research efforts are in the arctic tundra of North America and Russia, and the temperate forests of the U.S. Mid-Atlantic.  In the Arctic, we are examining the recent dynamics of arctic tundra vegetation in response to changing climate and disturbances, and the effects that these vegetation changes have on other arctic ecosystem properties.  In the U.S. Mid-Atlantic we are examining carbon cycling along successional gradients from old-field to old-growth, as well as carbon-water interactions in topographically complex watersheds.

Recent Publications

Frost, G.V., H.E. Epstein, and D.A. Walker. 2014. Regional and landscape-scale variability of Landsat-observed vegetation dynamics in northern Siberian tundra. Environmental Research Letters in press.

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